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The Debauched by E.E. Schmitt
adaptation and direction Julia Leyris

A charity show


Mr. Diderot > Olivier Ségéral

Ms. Terbouche > Paloma Martin

Mrs. Diderot > Marie Daufresne

Ms d'Holbach > Kim Laurent

Angelique > Julie Bardèche 

Baronnet > Khemra bonamy & Lucie Vincent


While he is resting in the castle of his friend, the Baron d’Holbach, Diderot, libertine philosopher, poses for Ms Terbouche painter. As he is constantly interrupted in his love games by his secretary to write an Encyclopedia article on morals, a hectic day starts for him…

The talented Apsara Dancers from Tlaitno Ciai Association

"I wanted to put on a more intimate show with no big stage effects, focusing on the work of the characters and the comedy. 
For the actors the work was to find their comic potential, to trust in their lightness and to let them go and have fun with the audience too."

Julia Leyris

Performed in The Chinese House in Phnom Penh & Navutu resort and Dreams in Siem Reap in 2017.

Logo Navutu Hi ResNo White Background co

Costumes by AMBRE


TlaiTno Association is an association for Khmer artist who love performing classical dances in dignified conditions.

It was founded in 2012 in Siam Reap, with financial support of UNESCO. TlaiTno intends to preserve the Khmer art and fights for artists to become independent performers of traditional Cambodian arts, by providing them with career skills, and conditions to perform in safe and dignified conditions. Their members come from a very vulnerable situation, but their artistic talents, commitment and passion make them capable of overcoming with difficulties. Tlaitno was designed by artists, belongs to artists, and fights for artists.

Tlaitno logo.png

@Credit photo: Mike is free, TTFPP, Julia Leyris

@Credit illustration: Sarah Marcni

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