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"I started acting at the age of 7 in Jean Racine's native village, it was fate! When I was 12, a theatrical troupe came to celebrate the author and I had the opportunity to participate in my first professional show. That was it, I have not stopped since. I worked with several troupes throughout my teenage years, touring and performing all over France.

I truly love the team spirit in a troupe. I enjoy all of the rehearsing and the physical commitment that some shows required.
When I was 14, I started playing main characters, my audacity and spontaneity worked in my favour. Growing up, I focused more on techniques with private lessons to improve my acting. I have always adored acting because I love to give, make feel and share. What I appreciate the most is all the preparation work to build a character and the time needed to make a story your own. I have always liked the scenic aspects too and paid a lot of attention to the ideas and choices of the directors I worked with."

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