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Don Juan comes back from the War

by Odon Von Horvath adaptation and direction Julia Leyris


A charity show

Don Juan comes back from the War is a 1936 play by Ödön von Horvath. Set in late 1918 and with Don Juan as its central character, the play describes his disorientation on returning from the First World War as a war hero, his love for a woman who died in the war and his death on her grave.


Jean-Noël Walkowiac & Olivier Segeral
Sakhena Phath, Channita Ouk, Anne Lemaitre, Paloma Martin, Béatrice Montariol, Anne Guérineau, Julie Bardèche, Kim Laurent, Yulianna Bellini, Audrey Mateo, Marina Hakkou, Lucie Moreau

PERFORMANCE at DPA Department of Performing Art in Partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia.

"Meetings, stories, lots of women and a man looking for a ghost.
I wanted to play with the lights by intensifying the shadows of the actors on and behind the stage to create different shots, universes and stories. The minimalist side of a empty set to give the impression of a dream while maintaining the cold image of winter."

Julia Leyris

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