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Tailor-made workshops

Drama is liberating and contributes to self-fulfillment. It is a precious tool for personal development, it allows one forgetting daily stress, it truly helps releasing inhibitions, it teaches how to control emotions and develops self-esteem and self-knowledge, it also boosts creativity, brings meaning and promotes relational agility, peace and harmony.

Drama is a very comprehensive discipline that engages the body, the voice, the imagination, the ability to improvise and adapt, the rhythm, the openness to others and so much more. It is practiced through action, participation, interaction, reflection, creation and organization.


My coaching covers a wide range of skills, such as how to manage and release stress, how to use mindfulness and meditation, how to improve self-confidence, public speaking and communication.

The participants to these courses walk away with concrete and practical theatre tools and techniques to help them increase their overall effectiveness as communicators and public speakers.


Here are some of the workshops that I can offer

• Drama classes in schools/colleges /high schools in cooperation with French teachers. One-off classes or to set up a drama project for part of the school year.

• Group activities with associations and familiarisation of social workers to theatre techniques and procedures.

• Individual or group workshops in order to get to know each other better and to progress together in connection with staging and theatre skills.

• Preparation to auditions for artists.

• Preparation to interviews or conferences.

Sample program

    Control nervousness or anxiety and regain self-confidence. Find focus and perform under pressure. Learn how to deal with and release stress. Experience the benefits of mindfulness, meditation and discover its impact on one’s personal and professional life.


    Practice breathing, learn how to master vocal tones, improve one’s articulation, resonance and projection.


    How to be more convincing and inspiring. How to be more influent and have a strong impact.

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