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The Valognes Night 
by E.E. Schmitt, adaptation & direction by Julia Leyris

A charity show

'By revisiting the myth of Don Juan, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt paint a more human and sensitive portrait of Moliere's hero, able for once to fall in love.'


"With this modern story of Don Juan's love, I wanted to be accompanied by the music of Shigeru Umebayashi & Peer Raben from Wong Kar-Wai's film 2046, while playing with the shadows and lights, showing the hidden faces of the characters, their soul and composing with past and present.  

In creating the atmosphere on stage, I also like working with textures, using various materials for the decor and the costumes, playing with the lights effects, the backgrounds, the fumes and the music. I wanted to transport the public into a cinema-like world, in total immersion, and make them travel through the past adventures of Don Juan."

@Credit photo : Merja Yeung 

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