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The Lesson

by Ionesco adaptation and direction Julia Leyris

A charity show

The Teacher > Baudouin Gueyffier
The Pupil > Marie Neang
The Maid > Anne Guérineau

Performed at PPIIA Phnom Penh Institute of the Arts

Winner of the Plazzies 2018 >
Best show - best director - best main actor and actress and best supporting actress. 

Radio One FM Interview


"What a pleasure to work on this Ionesco's text from the Absurd Theater.

It was a true challenge for the actors, especially as they had to perform in front of an English speaking audience. They had to be funny, very energetic and demonstrative. I added classical music: 'Danse macabre' by Saint Saëns to punctuate the hypnosis scene of the student."

Julia Leyris

@Credit Vidéo : Nicolas Pollet - Photographer : Kim Laurent September 2017

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