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12 Angry Men - The Musical Rock'N'Roll

By Reginald Rose adaptation & direction by Julia Leyris

‘12 angry men a play performed many times in theater with

award-winning films adaptations!’

A charity show

Le Petit Journal Cambodia 

Article by Leïla Pelletier


A jury of twelve men and woman must decide, unanimously, on the fate of a young man accused of parricide. If they judge him guilty, the electric chair is waiting for him. Eleven vote guilty. The juror who voted not guilty, summoned to justify himself, explains that he has a doubt and that the life of a man deserves a few hours of discussion. He then tries to convince them one by one.


Singers : JR Llano & Evie May Evans

Drums : Jedil Robelo
Piano : Metta Legita
Guitar : Pavel Ramirez
Bass : Soun Vann Theng


Judge : Baudouin Gueyffier

Guard : Juliette Williamson

President : Kim Laurent

Jury 2 : Frédérique Reigney
Jury 3 : Olivier Ségéral
Jury 4 : Anne Klein
Jury 5 : Julie Bardèche Lim
Jury 6 : Lucile Nattiez
Jury 7 : Antoine Bancel
Jury 8 : Anne Guérineau
Jury 9 : Cybèle Andrei
Jury 10 : Béatrice Montariol
Jury 11: Paloma Martin
Jury 12 : Klemsy Trémol

Poster Illustation by Sarah Marcni


"How to transform a known and rewarded play originally written as a "huis-clos" into a rock musical comedy with a band on stage and actors who cannot sing? Well, I thought about it only after having announced to my group that we would perform it n 3 months.
When I started working on the text of Reginald Rose, I listened to Queen and the angelic voice of Freddie Mercury, then the idea was born. Just like that. However, I only wanted live music, thus I integrated small selected pieces of some of their hits sung by the actors with the singers followed by the band.

The rehearsal work was focused on the characters and their relationships, the situation and the personal story behind each of them. Later on, we worked on integrating the music with the band and the actors.

I wanted the character of the young accused to be present all the time, especially in using the music. I was looking for dynamism, twists, laughs and tears and to emphasize on the theme of this play: Justice, especially by playing it on Cambodian soil."  

Julia Leyris

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