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 The Human Voice

J. Cocteau adaptation and direction for La Troupe du Petit Paris
by Alya Grange and Julia Leyris

'La Troupe du Petit Paris' was born from my artistic and friendly meeting with Aliya Grange (actress) during theater training with Thierry Atlan our teacher and still today my valuable adviser.
With Aliya, we had this need to realize our work by presenting it on stage. We knew what we wanted to do: J. Cocteau's 'La Voix Humaine', theatrical version. While Aliyah was working on an adaptation with 4 women on stage, I created 'La Troupe du Petit Paris' Association and began the process of obtaining the copyright of the play. My sister Sarah was working on our artistic file and some friends made me meet Pierre Bergé. It took us patience and perseverance to finally get the copyrights gracefully for a year. What happiness it was to be able to present our project in Parisian theaters even for such a short time. 

Julia Leyris

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